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Memories of a Sailing Pharmacist,
J. Roshlaub, writer

Spring 2021

Structural edit of short stories for an independent author.

Epilogue to Apa Kabar,
C. Groot, writer

July 2021

Scientific explanation of the emotionally traumatic experiences that were described in the autobiography Apa Kabar (How are You?) and ways to overcome those experiences. Full edit.

New Society Publishers

Since 2019

Proofreading and indexing

New Society Publishers is a solutions-oriented publisher focused on publishing books for a world of change.

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Notebook and Pen
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Suitable Housing,
M. Elsinga, author

Thesis, published 1991

Subtitle: Criteria Qualified by Judges. Published in book form.

Legal documents


Writing, editing and proofreading

Thousands of legal documents in both English and Dutch, many written with use of plain language.