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About me: A World of Words

Growing up in Amsterdam instilled in me the love for English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and Italian languages. In Amsterdam I worked as a lawyer (LL.M.) for 10 years. In that period I wrote and edited thousands of legal documents (mostly in Dutch, but also in English). Many of these documents were written in plain language.

A sabbatical sailing year turned into a decade as a professional sailing crew. As part of a captain-chef team I sailed world wide, providing high quality culinary experiences for my guests. This career brought me to Canada, where I returned to the world of writing as a freelance editor. I have since been involved with editing memoirs, non-fiction, and food-related books. My passion for cooking and sailing remains.

I hold an Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University. I always strive to learn and to further develop my editing skills, approaching every challenge I come across as an opportunity to grow as an editor.

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