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Books about editing and writing on a shelf

Qualifications and development


Editing certificate, Simon Fraser University. 2020–2021.

Document Design and Production for Editors, Simon Fraser University. 2021

Writing plain language for law, Simon Fraser University. 2021

Plain language principles, Simon Fraser University. 2020

Indexing, Simon Fraser University. 2020

Advanced French Studies, Institute Française Maison Descartes, Amsterdam. 1996

Civil law degree, (LL.M.) University of Amsterdam. 1990

Professional development

Editing for a Changing World conference, Editors Canada, May 28–29, 2022. Online.

Editors Transform conference, Editors Canada, June 12–13, 2021. Online.

Access for All, plain language conference, May 11–13­, 2021. Online.

What Science Says About How We Read, Webinar, Cheryl Stephens for Editors BC. 2022.

More Hot Tips for Better Legal Writing and Drafting, Webinar, Kimble Center for Legal Drafting, Cooley Lawschool, Western Michigan University. Experts panel. 2022.

Gender-Inclusive Editing, Alex Kapitan. Webinar, Editors Toronto. 2022.

Macros for Editors: Expanding Horizons, Paul Beverly. Webinar, Editors BC. 2021.

Taking Care of Live Stories, Hali Heavy Schield & Erika Hasbeludt. Webinar, Editors BC. 2021.

Grammar Boot Camp, Frances Peck. Interactive course, six sessions. Editors BC. 2021.

Writing for the Web, Natascha Netschay-Davies. Webinar, Editors BC. 2021.

Effective Document Design, Flora Gordon. Webinar, Editors BC. 2020.

Memoir Writing, Alison Wearing, writer. Webinar. 2020.

Cookbook Editing, Meredith Dees and Michelle Mede. Webinar, Editors Toronto. 2020.

Plain language, Greg Ioannou. Webinar, Editors Canada. 2020.


What Can a Professional Editor Do for You?, Vancouver Island Public Library, Sidney Branch, January 25, 2023.

Cookbook Editing from a Proofreader's Perspective, BC Editors webinar. March 16, 2022.


Editors Canada 2020 – present

PLAIN (Plain Language Association International) 2020­ – 2021

Clarity International 2022

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